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First draught [sic]

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Gommeras- p381
Wotjo - tribal council 9.
Kulin - Head men 38. +c
Nungi nungit 36
Kurnai - Headmen 18 & C -
Nungi nungit - 30/32.33]

Chapter V
Tribal Governments [underlined]
a) Headmen
b) council of Initiated men
c) council of Elders (Headmen)
d) Government of the Tribe
e) pinya +c
f) ordeal of battle

offences [underlined]
a) against the tribes
b) against the individual

[Left margin note]
Transfer to other
chapter under the heading
of Punishment of offences.
The instances in
chapter on marriage of
punishment for unlawful
marriages, elopement +c. ]

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