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A Head man of the Dieri tribe attains to power and
influence by personal bravery, by eloquence or by having
many relations (būyūlū marapū) that is to say
many near relatives who would give him a strong

A to p5. [underlined] When going northwards from my Depot at Coopers
on the occassion of my second Expedition, I obtained the
services of a young Yantruwunta man who knew the country as far as Sturts
Stony Desert
from the small tribal group in whose country [I - crossed out]
my Depot was established. My first stop was about thirty
miles down the course of the [?river?], where there was a
reach of water from which I could start northwards. Here
the [bla - crossed out] Yautruwunta [black b- crossed out] man ran off in the night, being
alarmed as he afterwards told me by the precautions I took
[agai- crossed out] for guarding the party. With my [other- crossed out] own black [fellow- crossed out] boy
[he - crossed out] I traced the absconder to a [sma - crossed out] camp of Yantruwunta
[between - crossed out] about two miles distant at a small pool in the
river bed. Here the Pirraru or Head man after being
satisfied that no harm was intended by me to his people
or to [my - crossed out] the guide sent two of his men to bring him from
where he was concealed and handed him over to me
with an admonition that he should not run away again.

Here was an exercise of authority, and an obedience to it.

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