The [Tongaranka [tribe - crossed out] represents a number of tribes
in the country between [in the eastern side of - crossed out] the Barrier/Barrier Range & Grey Range and the Darling
all of whom [and also - crossed out] recognise themselves as [Itobri?] number
which [?] I have taken as the name of a Nation (see p -)

Among them the office of headman was in one sense hereditary, but it did not
descend in the direct [line - crossed out] nor apparently in the female line
although the [totem - crossed out] class & thence names did so. This seems these [?] to be are [is therefore - crossed out]
[are of the - crossed out] instances in which [the -crossed out] the [?] the Headman [was - crossed out] of the
local division of the tribe and not [of the - crossed out] of the totem.

The Headman in the year 1884 suceeded his brother
[and - crossed out] whose son was passed over in his favour, and it
was understood in the tribe that he would be suceeded by his son
who had some authority. [But allows - crossed out] This shows that although
appertaining to a certain family, the succession by it really
depended upon the acquiesence of the old men since it
was distinctly related with merits as a fighting man, [?] orator or
mediciine man had great weight in [causing - crossed out] securing his power.

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