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Dealing with offences [all underlined]

but he sent a messenger to the Wŭdthowrung and in consequence
they came as far as the Werribee River where Bilibileri
and his people met them.

Among the leading men present were some of those already
mentioned in speaking of the quarry. The meeting of both
parties was at a place apart from their several camps.

The Wŭdthaurung men sate in one place and the
Woeworung men a little apart from them but with in
speaking distance. Moreover on each side the old men
sate near each other and the young men behind them.
Bilibilery as the [crossed out - principal] Headman of his people had
beside him Bungarin [crossed out - who it was] to whom he gave his word,
that is to say [crossed out - who was the] his mouth piece [crossed out - of his utterances]. Bungerim
then standing up spoke saying "Did some of you send this
young man to take tomohawk stone?". The Head man
of the Wŭdthawrung replied "No, we sent no one".
Then Bilibilery said to Bungerim "Say to [crossed out - them]
[crossed out - that] the old men that they must tell the young men
not to do so any more. When the people speak about
wanting tomahawks the old men will send us notice".

Bungerim said this in a loud tone and the
[crossed out - old men of the] old man of the Wŭdthowrung replied
"That is right, we will do so". Then they spoke strongly to
the young man who had stolen the tomahawk stone,
and both parties were again friendly to each other.

At such a meeting as this all the weapons were
left at their respective camps and each speaker stood
up when he addressed them.

Quote Bung p. [all underlined]

Henchmen [underlined]
In reference to the office [crossed out - of Henchman I may note that the] of the man for whom
the term Hench man seems exactly appropriate since according to my observations
he stands generally a little at one side of and in the rear of his principle, I
may [crossed out - menti] note the following. The Henchman of Ningūlabŭl was [crossed out - Bebejern]
the brother of Berak's father, Bebejan the the Headman Henchman was one Winberi,of Bilibeleri
as I have said it was [Bungerim- crossed out] Bimgerim the Headman of the Boi berit division of
the Wūrunjeri clan. These men appear to [crossed out - be the same] have their
same position and office as the friend "who as Mr Dawson says accompanied the
"chief" of one of the West District tribes"

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