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Headman was called “TurkiMetoko was a
Jenny Cooper

The Theddora who lived on the Omeo Tableland were
practically extinct before 1860 and all [crossed out- that] I can say [crossed out - as to their]
[crosed out - head] is that they had Head men whose designator was
Turki”, and whose authority was certainly of much the same
character as that of the Gweraeil-Kurnai of Gippsland.

I heard much from the few survivors of one 'Metoko
who combined the office of Headman and medicine man.
In this aspect the Theddora [Headman - crossed out]
Turki perhaps most resembled the Gommera
of the Coast Murring. (see p -)

Some [crossed out - further] interesting particulars [crossed out - may be gathered] are given as to the
Omeo tribe by Mr Richard Helms (+)

[Left margin note]
Proceedings of
Linnean Society
N.S.W. Second series
vol. x p 387. 1895

The oldest man of the tribe was recognized as a kind
of chief, but whenever an attack on some enemy was
planned the ablest warrior was as a rule chosen to lead
and his advice then received the endorsement of the old

Some of the old men [in the - crossed out] were known to me by repute
not only from the survivors of the tribe but also from the Kurnai
Wolgal and Ngarigo I was acquainted with. They were
Metoko who was a renowned medicine man who it was said
could ascend to the sky by means of a thread like a spider web
which he blew out of this mouth. The principal fighting man was known
to the white people as "Cobbon Johnny" - that is "Big Johnny" and I never heard his
proper name. Ingebaira was a fighting man belonging to Eastern
branch of the tribe adjoining the Ngarigo.

Other of these men are mentioned in connection with
the [crossed out - from] account of the great blood feud which occurred
between the Theddora and the Kurnai [crossed out - show] about the
time when Gippsland was [words crossed out] occupied by the whites. (p -)

I have very little information as to the Headmen
of either the Wolgal or the Ngarigo.

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