[Left margin note - Kurnai

The Kurnai tribe gives a good instance of the manner in which
the kindred avenged [crossed out what seems to be a heading - Blood feuds] the [crossed out - violent] Killing generally of their
members, [??] thing as naming [??] blood feud may arise which finally involves
[crossed out - the] not only the whole tribe but also neighbouring ones.
Such Blood feuds arise commonly out of homicide either by violence
or the supposed effects of evil magic. Such a case I carefully traced
out from its [original?] to [crossed out - its] a final battle between the Kurnai
clans about the year 1856-7.

[ Left margin note at line 5 para 2 - K & K p 218]

When the Omeo and Gippsland natives had been better
acquainted with each other through the white settlers and had
been made more or less friends with each other, one of [crossed out - them]
the Omeo tribe named Billy Blew obtained a Braiaka woman
to wife. He illused her and her father fought with, and
speared him, of which he shortly died. Billy Blew's kin in return
[crossed out - kille] came down and killed Kaiŭng, together with another
Braiaka, and were in doing do so assisted by Johnny the
brother of Bŭnda-wāl elsewhere mentions (see p.-) -
In revenge of this a man of the Dairgo/Dargo division of the Brabra
clan, one Jimmy the [crossed out brothers son] sisters son of Kaiŭng's wife,
killed Johnny. Flanner/Flanna the brother of [GlimiKing?] (see p.)
and other relations of Johnny, finding his skin hidden
in a tree at Aitkins Straits, followed Dairgo Johnny and
killed him at Erinvale at Merriman's Creek in South

At this point I give the narrative of Bunda-wāl
which continues the history of this blood feud to its end.
In this I give his words written down during his narration.
"I had two wives both from Brt-britta (see p. -)
one of these had been married to the Dargo man who
killed my brother Johnny at Aitkins Straits. I then collected
all the men from Brūthen, Wy-yŭng and from [Bimu-jene?]
(se p.-), for all my own more had died or been killed
so that there were only boys left. And those others were also
like my people. We all sneaked round the Lakes/Gippsland Lakes to Merriman's

where we found the Dargo man. Flanner speared him
We let him lie there and did not eat his skin because he
was a Kurnai like ourselves. As he was a friend of the Brayakal
he went up to the Heart (1) near [crosssed out - at] Sale to look for them. We found
a number of Dargo, Braiaka, and Brataua there, and we
fought; but we were beaten because they had guns as well as
spears, and were helped by two black police and one white police trooper.
We ran away and left everything behind us, our blankets and

[Left margin note]
(1) The name of a
station property where
when first camped
the shape of a heart
was found cut in the ground.

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