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Blood Feud [underlined title]

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clothes, and only took our spears. We ran back to where
we had left our women near to Metung [crossed out - in the Lakes]
near the Lakes Entrance, near that place where the wild dog turned the Kurnai into stone. (1) Our enemies and the
police followed us up as far as Lake Tyers, but they could
not cross and so we escaped. For a long time we were quiet, but
at last we went up to Maneroo to get the Brajerak (see p.-)
to come down and help us. By this time the white men
had brought so many Brajerak from Maneroo and Omeo
with them into Gippsland that we and they had become friendly.
So we got the Maneroo men to help us and with them went
round the mountains [crossed out - in] to Omeo. There we got NūKong, (1)
[crossed out - their Head man] to help us and we left our women there.
Nukong sent lewin (messengers) to the men of the Ovens River
and Mt Buffalo to send help; and it was arranged that we
should meet them at Kŭt-bŭn taura (see p. ) out in Bushy park
[crossed out - on the] Then we went down [crossed out - fr] by way of Dargo but found no one
there. At Bushy Park the men from the Ovens River and
Mt Buffalo met us. We went to that place to get some food and
also to see some Brabralung men from Wŭk-wŭk (see p. )
who were living there pretending to be friendly to the Brayakalung
and Dargo men. There could not have been less than
200 of us - at least the white men there counted us and [crossed out - said so]
told us so. From that place we went round the country looking
for our enemies. We sent down four spies in the day time,
while the main body lay concealed in the scrub and
only travelled by night. Sometimes I was one of the spies
sometimes Tanko willin (see p.-) was one of them.

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(1) The Kurnai had a belief that the [crossed out - wa] Dingo sometimes speaks
in their language, and that to know this is fatal, the listener being turned
into stone. The narrator here refers to a belief that at Metung a camp of
Kurnai were literally petrified by hearing one of their tamed dingoes saying
" you are [crossed out - humans] eating fish, and have given me none." A Kurnai
once told me that when a boy out hunting with his father he heard a
dog commence to howl something; he only heard one word "bring"
that is bone [underlined] when he and his father both ran off as hard as they
could and thus saved their lives.

(2) Headman of the Theddora tribe at Omeo

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This blood feud story is on page 352 Aborigines of SE Australia.
Bushy Park is north of Maffra.