Blood feud [underlined title]

[Left margin note - Kurnai [underlined] ]

We went all over the country even down to the Yarra/Yarra River, but could
not meet our enemies. At length we pretended to be friends
and returned to the Mitchell/Mitchell River. We waited a while and then
sent to the Snowy River men who came to us. But the
blackfellows from Maneroo and the Ovens/Ovens River returned home,
and only a few of the Omeo men remained to help us.

While this was going on the Dargo & Braiaka sent
"lewin" (messengers) to me saying that we would fight and
then be friends. It was decided by the Dargo old men
that the fight should take place near to Deighton at
a place called Yaw-ŭm-dtt. We met them and fought
but no one was killed: they were too strong for us and
ran us back to the Mitchell River.

We now again waited for some time, till Charley Buchanan (1)
brought us a message from the Headman at Dargo that we
should be friends. It was their custon to do this by sending
a spear jagged with quartz as a token. This one had glass
on it. We said among ourselves we will pretend to be friends
and wait until bye and bye. The spear is passed on by
way of Bruthen, and sent up to Omeo, and so round back to
Dargo. Then we all gathered, only the Snowy River men would
not come, for they were frightened - two of their men had been

Bruthen munji (see p - ) told us " we must send a messenger
to the Dargo men where to meet us - but he must be quick and [just up?]
to Brushy Park". We had with us some Omeo men, with their
Headman Nukong. Our Headman was Bruthen munji.

On the morning we were to fight we were all ready - we were
painted with pipe clay. This was because we were very angry [crossed out - because]
at our two men being killed, and to frighten our enemies
who were painted with red ochre because they had killed our

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[Left margin note - ]

(1) A Brabalung native from I believe the Wuk Wuk division
of that clan )see p - ) [crossed out - I may note here that this took place no ln]

(2) Sometimes only the skin [spears?] (bridda bridda) worn by the men
was sent round in this manner as a token suspended to the point of
a spear. This apron is made up of the skin of a Kangaroo rat (
The legs and tail were cut off and the front part of the head; half of it was
cut longitudinally into strands. Two bridda bridda were worn
one in fact and one returned, suspended from a waist belt made of
about fifteen feet of cord made of twisted opossum fur.

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Deighton is near Bengworden, Gippsland


The use of glass rather than quartz to 'jag' a spear.