[Left margin note underlined - Kurnai]

Nūngi-nūngit [underlined]

When a man has been called upon to come forward
and submit to the ordeal of weapons for some
death which he is supposed to have caused through
whitch craft - bulk, murriwun, barn & he
is attended by his friend, relative and that branch
of the tribe to which he belongs. The aggrieved
persons - i.e. the agnates of the accused also
appear attended by their friend and backed
by their section of the tribe.

The proceedings are [crossed out - an] very much controlled
by the older men who act however under
the guidance of tradition and customs.
Some open and level piece of ground is
chosen. The two bodies of people assemble
facing each other and some [crossed out - th] two
hundred yards apart. The aggressor
who is called "waitjŭrk" (1) struck out
in advance of his [?pact?]. He is painted
with pipe clay so signifying that he has killed
some one. According to the occasion and
by the rules laid down by the old men
he is [??] [crossed out - arm] armed with a shield only
or a shield and a bundle of spears.

Some present themselves to their adversaries
dancing and twirling their shields in
a defiant manner. Others crouch
down. Beside the Waitjurk stand
his wife if he have one armed with her
yamstick. At [one side all the
other women [crossed out - started] seated and beating
them folded up with [??] [?time?].
The body of people stick behind them
with the women all [??] or [?desert?] & [??] the

[Left margin note partially scanned]
and is to
mean unlawfully
it "murder".

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This page is in a different handwriting - not Howitt.