happened that in such cases the
ordeal became a general battle
in which men and women of the two
sides fought furiously with club and
yamstick and not always with complete
advantage to the former, for an active
woman armed with a yamstick is as formidable
an opponent as [crossed out - son] a man with a quarterstaff
and she uses it much in the same way.

When the Nungi-nungit has ended
either by the single ordeal of this Waitjurk
or by a general fight the matter becomes
set at rest and friendship becomes
[??]. There was a great difference between
these "legalized" fights [crosed out - and the] and such cases
when persons were killed by individauls
or practice without the ceremonies, in the
prosecution of blood feuds.

Mens shields were painted [??] as
follows and were "bamarūk"

[Drawings of two shields with patterns]
[The right hand shield has - alternate lines of red ochre
pipe clay.

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bamarūk is bameruk in Aboriginal tribes of SE Australia