and which is laid down beside the other one. If both sides are then
satisfied each takes the articles bartered. [and - crossed out] The Yutyuto then
produces another one, and the same procedure is again gone
through, until the bartering is finished. If one party has not
been satisfied, the matter probably ends with club fighting.
※[In the same manner -crossed out] bargaining goes on in respect of the
killing of some man, so that the feud may be healed,
blood shed be avoided and people live in peace. (1)

[Note up right side of text]
*(I) Another occasion is when there is an assembly
for the greatWilyaru ceremony (p -), when -

[Note Left hand column to go with bloodshed, line 8]
(1) Here is kind
a [sic] proceedure which
under favourable
circumstances might
have developed into
a custom
as that of the Wergeld
of the Teutonic tribe

The bartering [on the above occasion spoken of - crossed out] is carried on during the day, but
[on the occasion of the - crossed out] when the great Wilyaru ceremony is held (2) it takes place during
the night. The two parties being at a distance of a mile apart,
each standing at a great fire, and the two intermediaries res
pectively, run from one fire to the other, carrying the arti
cles to be bartered.

The Dieri on such occasions exchange string, the tassels which are worn
by the men for decency, netted bags, &ct. Tribes from the east bring
boomerangs, (kirha). pirra-mara (shields) (3), and other articles made
of wood. Those who came from the north,[especially] bring pitcheri and feathers
and from the south and west [comes - crossed out] the stone slabs [for grinding seeds - crossed out] with which seeds are pounded and ground.
These particulars indeed note character of the intertribal barter
and the radius within which it is carried on, taking Kopperamana as
the centre. [at presents subject to for- crossed out]

[Notes left hand side]
(2) see Dieri tribe
p. -

(3) pirra-wood bowl
mara - hand [diagram of circle with dot in middle]

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