The arms and legs of
Enemies when killed were cut off, cooked and eater
No other part of the body was used. In cases such
as the raids and attacks spoken of by the Wotjo
the slain were this eaten - [??] human
flesh was considered good food.

from Mragula
They did not eat those killed in a battle or ceremonial set fight
who were left to be buried by their friends. But they
eats [sic] parts of those they murdered – the skin, hand and
feet – this was accompanied with expressions of
contempt for the person murdered. The persons
whom they murdered were their real enemies – Those with
whom they had ceremonial fights – were their friends (clans men)
or those of a tribe with which their [sic] intermarried and with
whom they had quarrelled.

They did not eat any part of the people they killed,
but would rub their kidney fat on their
Būndi (spear?) or gūdjerū or other weapons.
This would be just the same if they killed wild
blacks such as the Woradjeri.

Adelaide tribe
They smashed the victim's skull with stones and
clubs, secured his fat, and eat him carrying
about with them the more portable bones.
Dr McKinlay

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