"Refer" to

Boorall Maryborough
May 10th 1900

A.W. Howitt Esq.
Commissioner of Audit
Melbourne - Victoria

Dear Sir
Some time ago you wrote me saying
that you would not use my name as authority
for anything you may publish on information
received from me unless I gave full permission
but would only use my initials as I had requested
you to do some time ago - I am writing this to
say I shall be satisfied that you use my name
or initials or neither, as to any information I may
have given you re aboriginals, all I am puzzled over
is the question "has it been useful?"
I read the three articles you mentioned in the
[?] numbers of the Review of Reviews on the "Totem"
system, they are very interesting, the two by Fraser
- I think that is the authors name - are a bit heavy
but Andrew Lang is very crisp & sarcastic in many
parts of his criticism. I cannot follow their ar
gument or theories in some places, so can not offer a
proper opinion on the matter.
Hoping your work is progressing, with kind regards
I am, yours faithfully
Harry. E. Aldridge

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