Terms of Relationship
In the language of the Kiaburra (Eagle Hawk) tribe
ascertained by J. Brooke native word for my

The object of this inquiry is to ascertain the specific terms of relationship
in the native language by which each person would indicate the other or address
them. To effect this a good plan is to arrange before the native informant
sticks or any other convenient objects in the order marked in the diagram,
explaining that these objects represent certain persons. It will be found
advantageous to construct the diagram by this means little by little,
ascertaining the first term before proceeding to the others. As each
term is ascertained it can be marked down in its place on the
following list.
Example. Having placed two sticks end to end, thus ___1_____ _____4_____
explain to the native Nos. 1 and 4 represent two brothers, of whom No 1
is the elder. Then ask him "What does No 1 call No 4" (i.e. by what term of
kinship does he address him). Supposing the native to be of Gippsland he
will answer "Bramung". Insert "Bramung" opposte to "No 1 calls No 4
and ask "What does No 4 call No 1?" The answer will be "Tundung".
Insert "Tundung" opposite No 4 calls No, 1. Then rearrange the sticks
for further inquiry. If all the numbers given cannot be ascertained,
insert those which are procurable; they cannot fail to be of value.

Due honor will be given to all who help in the inquiry when the
results are published. Please return this sheet when filled up to
A W Howitt Sale Victoria

1M 2F 3F 4M
5F 6M 7M 8F
9M 10F 19M 20F 21M 22F 17M 18F
13M 14F 15M 16F 25M 26M

Explanation of the Diagram M signifies Male, F signifies Female; the persons
indicated in the diagram are arranged in the order of seniority and descent
Thus No 1 is the elder brother of 2, 3 and 4. No 3 is the younger sister of 2 and the elder
sister of 4. No 9 is the elder brother of 10, No 1 is the husband of 5 and
their children are 9 and 10. No 10 is the wife of 12 and their children are 15 and 16.

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