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With the Woeworung [a camp was made- crossed out] people fixed their camps as
[follows - crossed out] serve all in the following manner, taking
Berak's "wilam" (hut) as the starting point.

(1) Berak wife + child
(2) Berak's brother ditto
(3) Berak's father + mother
(4) Berak wife's father + mother
(5) Visitors from the Būnurung Tribe
(6) young men's camp

The camp to suppose to be in Berak's country, say at
Heidelberg. Each hut faces the East
That of the parents of Berak's wife are behind
a screen of boughs. [and having - crossed out] The hut of
[Wille- crossed out] Berak's father between. The Bunurung
people camp on that side nearest to their
country which is to the southward. The IIII III and
young men furthest from the married peoples'

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