Division of food

note in Aust. trib
Division of game takes place according to old
established rules in which they practice incredible
self denial, the hunter often going short himself
that others might have their recognised share.
When a kangaroo is killed, the hind leg is
given [to the - crossed out] to the hunter's father with backbone;
the other leg to his father's brother; the tail to his
sister; the shoulder to the brother, the liver he
eats himself. Sometime his own gin (wife) will
be left without any, but in that case it seems [that - crossed out] to be
the rule that her brother, gives her of his hunting
or someone else on her side. She will be not get
much from her blackfellow unless there is a surplus..
All game has to be shared according to rule,
the best part going to the father's camp, the
next to the father's brother's. A blackfellow
would rather go short himself and pretend
he was not hungry than incur the odium
of having been greedy in camp, or of neglecting
the rules of hospitality.
Snakes were broken in pieces and handed

p 22
There are strict rules regulating the distribution of
food. When a hunter brings game to the Camp
he gives up all claim to it, and must stand
aside and allow the best portions to be given
away, and content himself with the worst
If he has a brother present, the brother is treated
in the same way, and helps the killer of the game
to eat the poor pieces, which are thrown to them,
such as the forequarter and ribs of the Kangaroo,
backbones of birds. This custom is called
yuurka baa whaar meaning "exchange".

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