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I find that as regards Victoria there is
not now any possibility of obtaining [?] information
as to tribal custom. The aborigines have been
for many years gathered into the [Abori- crossed out] Stations
under [the Missionaries acting for - crossed out] the Board for
the Protection of Aborigines.
(quote Ditchburn's statements.)

In New South Wales the [position?] is somewhat
different. The number of Aborigines in that state
was on 30' June last- ?

[The - crossed out] Some tribes are nearly extinct for instance
the tribes which formerly occupied the country [of the - crossed out] at
the junction of the Darling and the Murray Rivers and
which years ago was very numerous and warlike
is now represented by only members (1)

These tribes, which extended ^from about 20 miles above the Junction down stream as far
as the Rufus and up the Darling for some thirty
(1) miles, [are - crossed out] may properly [to - crossed out] be spoken of as a "nation"
all the males of which were "Wiimbaio" or "men"

It was under this name that I have mentioned them
in my Native Tribe of South-East-Australia [underlined] (2)

(2) I may now add that the tribes on the Darling
from Wentworth to at least within eighty miles
of Burke were all Barkinji [underlined], from Barka [underlined]
which means the River, that is the Darling.

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Start 18?32

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