Some further analogue may be noticed before proceeding with the
description of these interesting and even impressive ceremonies
which are common to both the varieties of the KÅ«ringal.

The reception of the contingent arriving the accounts
of the localities thus represented, the taking of the boys
from their mothers' custody by men of the other moiety of their
tribe are all parts of the two procedures differently carried out
the procession of the novice & their guardian with the initiated
men along the path and by different stages marked by magical
practices from great Bunan to the lesserBunan is the analogue
of the procession from the [crossed out - camp] encampment to the magic camp by a series
of stages marked by magical practice. The further press from them

Take the underneath account
and mark it up with any of the other notes from Ienbin's
account + my paper on Austr. Initiations

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