Although it is said generally that the raised scars
which are [crossed out - worn] carried by almost all blacks
[crossed out - are] do not [?indut?] the tribe and are merely
ornamental. I have [crossed out - met with cases] found [?instances?]when
this was not the case.
[crossed out - At Eucla the Ikulla tribe]
In the [crossed out - Ikŭla] Yerkla tribe, the Great Australian Bight, the
scars are cut by the medicine men (Mobŭngbai)
and shew the class to which the individual
belongs. Thus:
Būdira, [crossed out - the marks] three cicatrice running from breast to breast, and
thence on each shoulder.
Kūra - one [crossed out - mar] horizontal between the breasts, three vertically in the biceps
of each arm.
Būdū three horizontal between the breasts and below [crossed out - the] a line
which would [crossed out - come] pass through the nipples. Two above these
inclined at an angle from each other - resembling
a letter V. Five horizontal lines on each biceps [sic]
Wenŭng - [crossed out - three m] perpendicularly between the breasts
Other [crossed out - marks] scars are made indicating
hardiness and strength.

[written in side margin]

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