The Kuringal (1)

I have already, when speaking generally of the Initiation
ceremonies and the manner in which [crossed out - they are] the tribes [?apart?]
are assembled for them, described the proceedure as [??]
the Kuringal of the coast Murring [crossed out - and] (p.) I
have also enumerated the tribes who attended it (p)
But it may be well to [crossed out - briefly] again briefly state these
particulars in order to give as perfect a picture as possible
of these important ceremonies of which I am able to
speak not only by personal knowledge but also from
the exhaustive description given me of preceding
Kuringal ceremonies by the old men of the Murring
tribes who were at this one I attended.

The coast Murring are [crossed out - divided into] in two main geographical
divisions (2) firstly the Gūyangal or Southerners [crosssed out - along the
coast] from Twofold Bay ([?possibly?] from Cape Howe Cape Howe is crossed out] Mallacoota Inlet) to Moruya.
Second the Kŭrial [crossed out - in Sout] or notherners from Moruya to the Shoalhaven River
and both these divisions were again divided each
into Katŭngal (3) or Seacoasters and [crossed out - ?Bemeringal?] [?Kiandra?](4) there
who use the tomahawk , [??] for climbing trees. Finally the
more distant people, that is kindred tribes who attended the
Kuringal were Bemeringal (5) or mountain [??], such
as those living on the Maneroo tableland or about Braidwood.

As in other tribes (see Chapter ) these [??] Head men in
all the local divisions great or small. [crossed out - These men] A Headman was
called Gommera and I shall use this term in describing
the Kuringal ceremonies. As elsewhere there was a principal
Gommera in each of the two great divisions and it was he who called
a Kuringal together, and he did this after consultation with
other old men. It was his messenger (6) who went out to gather
together the community and he did this by the authority of
of [sic] a Bull roarer (7) which the Head Gommera had given

[footnotes at bottom of page]
(1) Kuring = forest, bush. gal = of or belonging to
on some Australian ceremonies of initiation. Anthrop. Inst May 1884 p 2
(2) see chapter 11 p.
(3) Katung = (In Gippsland Gatchin) = sea, gal = of or belonging to
(4) [?Panen?] = stone tomahawk (7) called the coast Murring "[??]
(5) Bemering = mountain mūrūnga or [?Bŭdjamba?]
(6) gūd-[?jin?] also [?Jerei - in?]

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