The points of his message and the number of local
groups he was to call together were impressed upon his memory,
or perhaps better his memory was aided to retain them
by a tally [crossed out - with the] of so many thongs of a mans kilt (1)
which he carried with him. In addition to the Bull roarer
he also carried wrapped up in a skin of one of [?those?] animals
a belt made of opossum fur cord (2) armbands of Ringtail
opossum pelt (3) and a forehead band (4). When he arrived
at the place where the Gommera was to whom he was sent, he
opened his bundle in the Council place - the Wirii-wirii-than (5)
and then delivered his [crossed out - speech] message exhibiting to the Gommera the
Bullroarer, and the above article. Holding the kilt in one
hand he would take the strands [?serialim?] and say "this
tail is for so and so, naming a gommera, and so on until
he had named all the gommeras of the local groups he had
to assemble. The Gommera then announced the message
to the men at the council place and after consideration
fixed the time when he and his men would start for the
Kuringal place.

[crossed out - It was af] I may at this place mention the steps which
were taken to all the Kuringal at which I was present.
I had known for many years a medicine man of the
Wolgal tribe (p -) one Yibai- Malian (Eaglehawk) and
through him became acquainted with one of the principal
[crossed out - head men] Gommeras of the coast tribe. On several
occasions I discussed the Initiation Ceremonie [sic] with Yibai
and he found that I knew about them and as
I produced to his surprise several bullroarers and could
explain their meaning he came to consider me as
one of the initiated and as such spoke freely and
unreservedly of the othermore forbidden topics.

[footnotes at the bottom of the page]
(1) Bŭrain, made of the skin of a [crossed out - Ka Wallaby] Rabbit rat (ngabŭn)
or Kangaroo Rat (gūragūn), Wallaby, Native cat, cut into
[crossed out - sta] strands about half an inch in width the full length of the
animal and still attached by a width of about an inch at the upper
end. [crossed out - It] One has fasted in front and one behind the person being
pendent from the belt of possum fur string by the
outermost strand being tucked under the belt in each side.
(2) ŭnda or Ngorlia (3) (4) Kilŭlbŭga (5) Wirri - wirri means
hasten, hurry up, be quick. Than= speech. The same word as [crossed out - Gippsland
Thana in the language of Gippsland as mŭk-thang or excellent speech of the
Brabralŭng , Thang-quai or Broad speech of the Krautūn Kurnai.

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