Through him it was arranged that [crossed out - one of the] Brūpin
one of the principal Gommeras of the gūyangal Murring
with some of his men should meet me at Bombala. At
this meeting among other things the advisability of holding
a Kuringal was discussed and it was decided finally that
this should be done. I was greatly struck by the manner in
which the two old men received a Bull roarer which I had
made for the occasion. [crossed out - when] I drew it from out a small
bag and secretly presented it to them [crossed out - saying this is a]
saying "You know that the mūdthi was made firstly by that great
one - pointing upwards - and that he order your fathers to hold
the Kuringal and to make the boys into men". They each
covered his mouth with his hand and looked at the
bullroarer with the utmost [crossed out - respect] awe for some moments.

Then Brupin said "Yes that is it" - and he called these
three men whom he had brought with him and holding
the Bullroarer before him as they stood with them heads
bent down he said "This is a mudthi which he (pointing to
me) has brought us from far off. It is the same as that which [?we?]
know of and which was given to our father by that great
Biamban (1) you know of " These men looked it with
every appearance of awe but said nothing and then silently
returned to their fire. When we parted it was understood
that I should send up my messenger to Brūpin who
would consult with the other Gommeras. This was
in and shortly after I send one of the
Krauatun Kurnai, one of the Head men
known as King Charley to the coast Murring. [crossed out - His mothers]
He had the qualifications necessary for a messenger. Although his
class of the Kurnai tribe had no Initiation ceremonies and
did not not [sic] attend the Kurnai "Jeraeil" - he had been
initiated by the [crossed out - Maneroo Ngarego tribe of Maneroo. His mother
was a Ngarego woman and his wife was one of the coast Murring
This he was [?free?] of the latter tribe and could attend their
Kuringal. He carried from me the Bull roarer which
I had shown to Yibai-Malian and Brūpin, and in delivering

[footnotes at the bottom of the page]
(1) Biamban = Master A gommera is the "Biamban" of the
men. Brūpin was the Biamban of the three men he brought
with him for he ordered and they obeyed him.

[written in side margin]
which month? [next to blank space in sentence about sending a Krauatun Kurnai messenger]
? [next to the section about Yibai Malian and his mother]

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