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On my arrival and after a talk at the [?Council?] place, the
messenger entrusted with the Bullroarer swung it about its roaring
saw the men run [from the - crossed out] in a long line following Umbara
who held a boomerang in his hand. [??] others carrying boughs - one in
each hand - or a bough in one and a boomerang in the other.

They ran [?towards?] the camp in a long sinuous line each man
exactly following the actions of the leader, rhythmically striking the
boughs on the ground on alternate sides, with the word wah! once
or twice [they - crossed out] the leader and all his men stopped and raised their
boughs or boomerangs silently to the sky. When reaching the
camp the long line wound through it, stamping, waving boughs
and shouting Wah!, visiting each hut, from which when visited
the women + children hasted [sic] to join the others who had
assembled just outside the camp, when the line of men encircled
them twice, while the women sang the tooth song to the sound
of the time beaten rugs. The men now arranged themselves
in a mass at the est side of the women and shouted
[?all in about?] Wah! Wah! Wah! and the name of some place
from which a contingent had [come -crossed out] arrived, until all had
been mentioned, the most distant places first.

This being done the men rushed rapidly and closely
round the women and children so as to enclose them
and having all shouted Wah! raised their boomerangs
or if having none the right hand towards the sky. Their action
is the gesture signifying "the great Master" (Biamben)
whose true but secret name it is not lawful to speak
excepting at the Initiation ground and at the Initiation

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