pipeclay and with [?large?] headdress made of swan feathers

On the following morning a general council of the men was
held at the Wirr-wirr-than to decide the procedure. Some
of the Gommeras were desirous of at once forming this Bunan
ground which for some reason had been delayed, but to this
I objected as my time was now limited to a few days, having already
lost nearly a week waiting for the Kurnai contingent.

Some of the old Gommeras also held that so much time had
been lost that in the little remaining before I left there would
not be time enough to prepare the Bunan ground and allow to
complete all the other parts of the Kuringal. Finally it was
settled that the ceremonie [sic] should be the Kaya-walung
and be commenced in the following morning.

The next morning about ten o'clock the men were all
assembled at the Wirri-wirri-than. Finding that we were all
ready the head man Gŭnjerŭng (1) gave the order to prepare
our bundles and take them to a spot hidden by a clump
of titree standing near. This being done two men were
left to sound the Bull roarers when the others should
have reached the camp. Two bull roarers were used,
one which Yibai-malian had made when the one which
my messenger had carried up and which was used to call
the tribes together, had been accidentally burned, and
the [crossed out - sec] other was one which I had brought with me to show
to the Murring. It was one which had been used
at the [crossed out - Dieri Initiation ceremonies of the Dieri tribe (p. -)
and was an object of the greatest interest to these coast
blacks. According to rule the two men who were left
behind should have been those who had been entrusted
by the Gommera Brūpin and Yibai Malian with the
invitation to the Kuringal sent by them to the other Gommeras.
But one of them, the man who had carried my bullroarer
round happened to be away getting some [crossed out - food] supplies to take with us
and another man took his place.

As soon as we had reached the Camp and the men
were distributed through it, the distant roaring sound of
the Mudthis was heard and the whole camp was [?instantly?]

[footnote at the end of the page]
(1)Morning star

[written in left side margin]
p1 [between paragraph break between first and second paragraph]

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