Tatati Pūrbŭng - according to Bobby Napier

About 1870 the Tatati sent a Wirigar messenger to the Wotjobaluk
to call some of them to attend their Pūrbung at Euston.
[Bobby's brother's son was taken to be intiated - crossed out] On reaching
Euston under the guidance of the Wirigar, the old men
decided that the ceremonies should be held next day.
Before day break the people were all ready - there were
present Tatati, Wati Wati, Letchi Letchi - and they waited
for the sun to rise. Three boys were to be initiated. Each one
sate in his camp together with his mother and father.
The old men and the other initiated men were at their
talking place. When the sun rose they all ran up to the
camp shouting; each boy was seized by his ngierep (wife's brother
sister's husband) who dragged him by the arms into the crowd of
men. The boy's father remained in the camp. (1.) The boys
mother lay in the camp covered over by a rug. The others
were collected together in one place.

The ngierap holding the boy by placing his arm under the boy's
right arm and his hand over his left shoulder led him
about two miles away. The crowd of men surrounded the
boys playing all kinds of antics and saying all kinds of
funny things to make the boys laugh - which the boys had been
instructed by their ngieraps not to do on any account.

Meanwhile some of the men had been busy digging
a number of holes in a row, one for each boy. The boy
was placed sitting in the hole which came up to his
waist. His neirep held him against his breast with
a hand over each eye, and his face held upward.

The men were all round dancing. The Medicine
Man (Bā-ngal) came running up with a wooden chisel
in his hand and a stick about a foot long, [in the other - crossed out], with
a knob at one end in the other. He placed the chisel in
the boy's tooth and struck it a blow with the stick to loosen
it - or sucked it out: my informant could not say which. The boy had to swallow the blood
from his gums in order to become strong. If it ran out
on the ground he would become weak. This being
done the boys were taken to a camp where a bush
screen had been made and here the men danced
all night and imitated kangaroos, dogs +c to amuse

[written in left side margin]
(1.) This may perhaps have
been because he had never
been initiated. Such is the
case with Biduelli men
mentioned at p-

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Ted Ryan

First line may be 'Tatati Purbung - according to Bobby Napier'
in account where says 'each boy was seized by his ngierep [?] [?]' it should read 'each boy was seized by his ngierep [?] sisters husband...'.
Next paragraph starts 'The ngierep leading the boy...'