Initiation Ceremonies

At the Kūringal - the ground would
be made quite clear - of brush and rubbish.
An earthen wall would be made round
it and in this a bough fence.
The first diagram Yibai-Malian made
was thus:

[diagram] men and women
mixed dancing

Camps with one Kūringal in each.[written under diagram]

The boys are now placed on the bank in front of
a roaring fire - so hot that as he said
"it makes them wet" - if they move he
reproves them and calls them to order.
Each boy's mother stands behind her son.
All the other women are at the camp covered
with boughs and rugs so that they cannot see.
The men then dance in the ring:

This is the diagram he then made:

[diagram] the two old men

Camps with women [written under diagram]

After this they walk along the prepared path.
Each boy with his head covered with a rug and
led by his own Jambi. The stages to be reached
are (1) porcupine (2) hole in the ground
Each old Mragūla here said the saplings
would be arched over the path.

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