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Dick Richards

[Pooi-pooit - crossed out] Boi-Boit-yan -little hill and railway tunnell [sic]
Bullock-creek; thence to Kyneton (at a little
water hole - called neaṝ- a little watefall;
thence to Kilmore. Dick Richards home;
From side Campaspe; down to Goornong -
Kilmore to the other side Dabyminga ck - then
down to junction - Talarook is his country;
then McIvor - thence to Campaspe
and down it to Goornong - then across
to Inglewood - then a little from Lodon
to west side to Dunolly - then to

[crossed out -All called Logal-lik]
These are all Nier-ballŭk
nier = cave

Watershed of Campaspee River from source

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