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[Account invoice] Golden Age Hotel Omeo 25th May 1907 Mr Howitt Dr. to Jas. Robertson Proprietor

Accounts rendered weekly Breakfast Lunch Dinner Tea Apartments Wine, etc. Cash May 22 2 2 2 9 23 2 2 2 2 12 24 2 2 2 2 12 25 2 2 2 2 12 26 2 2 6 £2 11 0 Settled By cash Thanks J Robertson 25 / May

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[Page with diagrams and family ties] [Across top] 1M 2F 3F 4M ______________________________ 5F 6M 7M 8F

_________ ________ ________ _______ 17f 18m 19f - 20f
21m 22f
23m 24f

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M. W ______ F T

_______ M T


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F.F. Breng Kūrūng F.F.B Breng Kūrūng F.F.St Breng [gūrūk - crossed out] Kūrūng F.M. malandja F.M.B malandja F.M.Str malandja M.M. gō-gōk M.M.Str gō-gōk M.M.Br gō-gōk M F nga-Kŭp M.F.B nga-kŭp M.F..Str nga-kŭp

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m. Sn.Son Brāng B.S.S. Brang St. S.S. [Brang- crossed out] Malan M. D. Son nga-kŭp B. D.Son nga kŭp St.D.Son [malandja-crossed out] go gok F. Son Son malan [dja at the end of the word- crossed out] Br So Son Brāng St. Son Son malan [dja at the end of the word crossed out] F. D. Son gō gōk Br D. Son nga Kup St. D. Son gōgōk

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Father mamen Fr Br. - mamen mtr.Sister Husb mamen [Fr Bros - crossed out] Father sister nŭrnnŭn Fa Br wife babŭn Mother babŭn Mother sister babŭn " " husb mamen Fa Br wife babŭn Mother brother Kȗng gun Mother Bros wife nŭrn nŭn

M. Son Mŭmmŭn Bros son mumun Husb. Br Son

F. Son wūrūng [ein - crossed out] en [ein & ene - written above] [mummun - crossed out] [bū būp - crossed out] Sister son wūrūng [ein - crossed out] en [ein - written above] wifes sister son Mŭmmŭm

The probable reasons for differences in names of son is as M is say Bunjil + F is say Waang

[Sideways on RHS] Būbŭp = child

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M. Sons wife mangep Dau husb gūntalang wifes father gūntalang wife mother gweabŭn F. Dau husb gweabŭn Sons wife Ker-ane Husb mother Ker-ane Husb father mamŭng

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Eld Bro Bangan Eld Sist Lundung - Lundrok [could be Lundook] Ygr bro ded-jet Ygr Sist ded-jet M.F.B.Son Bangan + ded-jet F. " " [arrow downwards indicating the word is the same as M.F.B Son] M.F.B. Dau. Lundung +c [i.e &c, meaning to add ded-jet?] F. " " ? M. F Sist Son Ka Kai [?B?? son? Būmbūr - crossed out] x F. " " M. F Sist dau Bŭmbŭr x F. " " M. M. sist son F. " " " M. M Sist dau F. M Sist dau M. M Bros son Kangŭn x F. " " " M. M Bro sist Babŭn x F. " " "

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husband nangūrūng husbands broth. nangūrūng husband sist husband bangan or dedjet Brothers wife birmbang F. brother wife ūmŭrk wife - birmbang or ūmŭrk x wife sister birmbang wife sister husband Kairep (friend) F Sist husband nangūrūng F Brothers wife Yumŭrk [or birmbang - crossed out] x M wifes brother [brother's wife -crossed out] goreitch M sister's Husband [ūmŭrk, birmbang - crossed out] x

M wae- M wee F wee _______ __________ F Bunjil F Bunjil M Bunjil


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Notes on the aborigines of Yarra tribe

Kūlin - Westernport Kūlin down to Tarwin - both side Bū nū rūng. go to Geelong - Bacchus Marsh - Mt Macedon Kilmore, Benalla, Wangaratta Buffalo River __________________ William's tribe Bunyip All [?Westernport?] - Mount Macedon Kilmore, Heidelberg. Plenty River, Kangaroo Ground. 1 about Kew - Ūrŭndjeri willŭm 2 [Westernport - crossed out] Cranbourne - Būlūk-willŭm 3 Dandenong - Ngairāk-willŭm [Cannot read word] 4. Mordiallok - Būnwūrŭng

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