m. Sn.Son Brāng
B.S.S. Brang
St. S.S. [Brang- crossed out] Malan
M. D. Son nga-kŭp
B. D.Son nga kŭp
St.D.Son [malandja-crossed out] go gok
F. Son Son malan [dja at the end of the word- crossed out]
Br So Son Brāng
St. Son Son malan [dja at the end of the word crossed out]
F. D. Son gō gōk
Br D. Son nga Kup
St. D. Son gōgōk

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Father mamen
Fr Br. - mamen
mtr.Sister Husb mamen
[Fr Bros - crossed out] Father sister nŭrnnŭn
Fa Br wife babŭn
Mother babŭn
Mother sister babŭn
" " husb mamen
Fa Br wife babŭn
Mother brother Kȗng gun
Mother Bros wife nŭrn nŭn

M. Son Mŭmmŭn
Bros son mumun
Husb. Br Son

F. Son wūrūng [ein - crossed out] en [ein & ene - written above]
[mummun - crossed out]
[bū būp - crossed out]
Sister son wūrūng [ein - crossed out] en [ein - written above]
wifes sister son Mŭmmŭm

The probable reasons for
differences in names of son
is as M is say Bunjil
+ F is say Waang

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Būbŭp = child

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