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one man had 3 wives
" "
" " 2 wives
most got one wife. -

would lend wives to friends
wife go to deceased husband
brother [if has children- crossed out]

[Twofold Bay blacks from- crossed out]
[Twofold Bay - crossed out]

when some one stealing (wives)
women would send
a messenger wirrigirri
to call up to fight -
women with women & yam
stick - men with men
with wunkim spear

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ngŭrrŭn-gaeta - head men

[too faint to read] stranger
[too faint to read] and
to [?assemble?] - they all
call him ngŭrrŭn-gaeta.
Ngŭrrŭn-gaeta is like a
governor. __________
[not every - crossed out] Billy Bellary
the father belonging to my
cousin, was ngŭrŭn-gaeta.
Another headman was
Capt. Turnbull at
Mt Macedon others at
Western Port - Billy Lonsdale
Western Port Mr de Villiers

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