tallang ain = moths
young men.
made at here - Geelong
Bacchus Marsh
Mt Macedon - the
Wang Kūm + were over toward
Murray. Wang Kūm might
not eat] old woman
possum - emu - duck
- porcupine -
can eat- ringtail and
old man possum
and by and bye when grown
up the men rub him
over with emu fat he
is then called
Wa-gŭnim bale-

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I was made tallangŭn
at South Yarra
Capt. Turnbull, Bille billary
Billy Lonsdale all ngūrrŭn gaete
were there.
They tied round my arm
[the tail- crossed out] strand of ring tail
possum skin - and
reed necklace - (gornbert)
and a nose peg
( illijerri) - head band
Kaiūng - waist string
Brand yep = kilt
[also a Brabŭn- crossed out]
I gave a possum rug as
a present to one of them
Bille Bellary

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