Then he ordered the old
man Bŭrrin Bŭrrin
to open up his bags and
let out wind. He did so
and an immense wind
blew so that the trees flew
up in the air roots
and all. Bunjil
said that is not enough
let out more wind.
Then Bŭrrin Bŭrrin
opened more bags and
there was a still stronger
wind so that Bunjil
and all the people
flew up into the air
up to the clouds (Heaven)
There was Ngarrang
left down in the earth.

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Questions [underlined]
Birraark - who brought
down the Gūnyerūk
The mrarts -----------
How did they find out
who caught a man -
when he died?
Names of fingers re
Message sticks
meaning of wagŭnim bale
Djeetgŭn - Yeerŭng
go over matrimonial arrangements
death + burial

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