My name is
Bairŭk - grub in gum tree
Other father of my father
[gave?] me this name from
a son of his when I was
a baby.

When my father [was he? crossed out] died
[when I was? crossed out] Everyone told
me you should go to
your grand father Bairŭk.
He was waa like me.
- I was made a
Tallungŭn when I was a big boy.

At the [Goulburn?] old
people say + [nang Kūn?]
of you eats porcupine
Kaw wŭrn (the
lightning) [could?] give [at?]
any time. --

Duck eat Emu wombat only
[now when (crossed out)] by and
bye when you are
married - if you go looking
for possums or [mintly? or mainly? or monkey?],
you will fall down [only tree?]

[sidways writing] the mūrŭp of possum or [?ky?]they will make them fall--

When he is rubbed over
with emu fat [then?] he
camp [naked?] then he
can eat it. ---

When he is married
and get children
[Arrow going from here to after "down only tree"]
Duck eating is [punished?] by [lightning crossed out]

[crossed out at the bottom of page]
[old woman? from ??]

Notes and Questions

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Stephen Morey

I presume that 'other father of my father' refers to a person whom the father called father, that is 'father's brother' or 'mother's sisters' husband'. See p3 of this notebook for the kinship lists

Stephen Morey

The words ngūrn-da-bil (growling) and wūl-lū-djin (shining bright) refer to thunder and lightning. The information referred to here is also on p14 of hw0391, where the word for 'growling' is spelled wūrn-da-bil