Ask Bunjil he does not
come near us but once
when women get [Būr-rit?]
[out?] lagoons then left [babies?]
in the possum rugs then
Bunjil came and saw
baby moving about he catches
the baby up to his nest.
Baby cries all the way.
Women and men run after
him - and father runs
after with his stone tomahawk
but the Bunjil flies off farther,
this was near Benalla.

A bird called [Jūnū jūnūt?]
like a morepoke -
a large mouth - yellow

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inside is a very true bird.

He came very close to some
people where they were camped
and says "[Junū Junū"?] and
then black fellow thought
wild black fellow were
coming. Then they watched
all night for the wild blacks.
In morning - by and bye
they find it is friend.
He always tells of friend. ----------------

Worngorūk = Djeet gun
Būnjil } = Emu wren
Boroin }
Boroin = dark

Notes and Questions

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The Junu Junut bird may be a cormorant.


Morepoke may now be spelt mo-poke - an owl