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Gippsland blacks beyond

May-met } Tarwin
Ber-bira }

Beyond Geelong are the
long way off country

May met

yarŭk or yarūk = messenge stick
as a present.
Ngŭrrŭngait - makes them.

mangūrt = ball

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mūrūp - gives the songs
to Doctors.
Kŭr būrū - told Kūlin at
Bunyip he found that
Berbira coming and
to keep a look out then.

This man was
Bunjil - Kŭr būrū
the Mūrŭp of this
Kurbŭru told him
This was the man's
personal name.

This bear had been
killed and his
Mūrŭp had gone into
the Blackfellow.
Then the Mūrŭp
would give him a

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Stephen Morey

mangūrt is the spelling of the word better known as Marngrook; also gūnyūrū is a Gippsland word for a type of song. This refers to the Kurburu's song in Howitt (1904: 420) and multiple places in manuscripts