Gippsland blacks legend

May-met } Tarwin
Ber-bira }

Beyond sections are the
long way off country

May met

yarŭk or yarūk = messenge stick
as a present.
Ngŭrrŭngait - makes them.

mangūrt = ball

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mūrūp - gives the [s?mp?]
to Doctors.
Kŭr būrū - told Kūlin at
Bunyip he find that
Berbira coming and
to keep a look out then.

This man was
Bunjil - Kŭr būrū
the Mūrŭp of this
[Kurbŭru] had him
This was the mans
personal name.

This bear had been
killed and his
Mūrŭp had gone into
the blackfellow.
Then the Mūrŭp
would give him a

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Stephen Morey

mangūrt is the spelling of the word better known as Marngrook; also gūnyūrū is a Gippsland word for a type of song. This refers to the Kurburu's song in Howitt (1904: 420) and multiple places in manuscripts