This song is as follows
Then is now -
Enagourea nūng
[line crossed out - nanŭng? gouretch? ene? ..]
ngallourm ma barrein
cut across me track
gūrūk ba = mŭrnein
blood [dance?]
būrūn=bai ngannūng ba
oh you hurt me myself
chipped tomahawk
lil-lirra = mŭringa

You cut across and
he coming at me
in the road ahead

I want to go to the
foot of the ranges and
you coming & hit

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me with a tomahawk
and give me
in my heart blood
running to my heart

[Diagrams of club warra-warra, tomahawk mŭrring and boomerang]
mūriwŭn or garik
Goulburn Western Port

reedspear ajerrŭr
{ [mŭrmmŭk?]
{ [nan kuk?] turn back long
[dŭrrinŭng [name?] [straight?] ditto
malka = shield
Keerin = spear
le-ŭng-al. ________
bŭrnagūlŭng = Kŭnnin
Kŭnnain = yam stick
= [command?] = ngūk his
ngek mine

Notes and Questions

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Stephen Morey

The word ajerrŭr for reed spear is a bit odd. The spelling jerrŭr would accord with other sources, so maybe Howitt means 'a' (as in English' jerrŭr ?