[Drawing of grave and placement of body in foetal position]

Murawin now was stuck
in ground by his right
hand. [Two words crossed out]
When my father [mother?]
was buried the old
man from Dandenong

- half [ngŭng?] and
half [Duln?] said
give him a [murawim?]
in his right hand
he never missed
a Kangaroo -

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Yerun illum Kūlin
eat flesh belonging to all
[leg?] and [foot?]
and [arms?]. 1. 3, 5 7 13
8. 9 & kidney fat. (11 & 14) kidney fat.
[?] [put? or but?] blacks [drink?]
the blood, as well as
arm and legs 2. 4. 12

Eat skin only - of legs & [arms?] 8. 9.
Jajawrung blacks caught
an old man frm [Yarra?]
and took out his kidney fat
he went as far as [Betty Oak?]
and died.

Notes and Questions

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All I could find for Murawin was this: 'Murawin is a Dunghutti word meaning “to be educated” '

J Gibson

I think Dunghutti is too far north for Howitt to have recorded. Must be another word...


Murawin is a 'spear-thrower' it Kuli(ny) wurrung.
This is magic for catching Kangaroos and needs to be marked as sensitive/restricted.
The word transcribed below the line as [Iajoomony?] is 'jajawrung' which is the Kulin language DjaDja wurrung.

'[Iajoomony?] blacks caught an old man for [game?]' should be 'jajawrung blacks caught and old man from Yarra' (catching people for 'game' is not an Aboriginal practice)

J Gibson

Thanks Corey. I'll make a note on the restriction. The group needs to come up with a way of limiting access to pages in the collection.