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They put hand on sleepers
brow - if it is cold he is
sound asleep - if warm
he will wake up directly.

Wŭdthiwrŭng people
of Geelong carry in the
ngŭlba - thūrārang
she oak - they use the
seed vessels - to blind
people with. -----------

When you are going up to
your friend - the smoke of
thūr-rang gets into your
eye some one has put
it in there.

At Echuca the people

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[mixed] up with tobacco some
dried & rotten body - it is
all called thandal. Then
put in bag and if any
one smokes it it gets into
his stomach and he smells
like a woman carrying
a child. No doctor
can cure him. They do
this now. ---------------------

Sometimes when the boys
were grumbling old
- next to
Billi Billary - said
'Why are you not listen to
me - I am here - and
you have my body.

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Stephen Morey

The thandal is also mentioned in SLV hw0391, p19

Stephen Morey

Thandal is actually a Yorta Yorta word, spelled dhandel in Bowe and Morey (1999) and a word still remembered in Luise Hercus' time.