ya-yūt-gin = dream
ye-mūn = sleep

mūrŭp can come when
I am asleep. ------------
nga-ma-jit = whitefellow
[ye-mŭnŭra?] = snoring
When I sleep and
snore my Mūrŭp
gives any to [tharau galk?] [/ek?]
the other in the clouds. ----------
Mūrŭp can see
[tharaugalk?] but cannot
[?] [?] it and
come back.

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[When?] I am asleep
my Mūrŭp can
call to another Mūrŭp
[say?] of my father.
[?] came for? Manaroo
[?] of Ovens and
Mansfield all the
world [was?] little tin
houses - and propped
up by Kalk. News says
that props rotten and
it would tumble down.
- did not hear of him hunting
big [?] The old
people said that the
cloud now held up
by props and if they
[?] and the
[tharaugalk?] [would?]

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Jacqui Durrant

A long shot, but the word 'kalk' is similar to 'dalka', which is Dhudhuroa for mountain.