break some and
the cloud
[drum?] [up?] [one?]
[tharau?] = tree
[falk?] = wood
[They?] think the [heavens?]
are worth [coming? or country?]
[?] been, [?] [are?]
old [cherry?] trees there.

Jimmy Punch [told?]
me when I get [home?]
[?] ask him. He said
[sideways writing] you now fall down
go home & lie down
and sleep. By and
bye you will see
him at hospital?].
He will say [you?] stand
here - then [you?] [said?]
next thing he [would?]

[next page[

up with [boy?] then he
[found?] up [men?] a
[hole?] - and a lot
of people looking down
at them. [Boy?] [went?]
up in the hole and
said I am [not?]
[?] for your problem
now or of the [people?]
said "Here is my [numa? or mima?]"
Jimmy said " it looks
like [mummy?]." ---------------

Then Jimmy went in
and saw a lot of

Then now before [?]
dead. --------

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Jacqui Durrant

The loose transcription of '[drum?] [up?] [one?]' would seem, contextually, to correspond with 'Drŭm-ŭ-lŭn' which appears later in Howitt's retelling of the information. Probably 'Dharramalan', the sky hero who is the son (or brother) of Biami.