I remember a Kulin
of Berwick eating a

His ['name' crossed out] was Bunjil
I [not?] heard of this [new?]
man. Afterward
Gippsland Kulin came
across to Mansfield
once; came up about
7 am. They now double back
round camp. Gathered
them up like meat of
sheep [(CrÅ­nillung)?]
Killed 3 old men and
one young man get away.
Gathered all the little ones
and kill them by
cutting off heads. -----
and put of head in

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a [?] in the top of a log.
Took the bodies away.
Took 5 women away.
Tommy Horrich mother
was taken fr[om] Cranbourne.

Bunjil [Laena?] [got?] me.
None heard of infanticide
Heard it said that
when people died
they rolled him into a
big fire and burned
him up so as not
to [?] [?]. I never
saw thisit is not the
way of my people. I
have heard it at the
new mission.

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