[marūn? or marūk?] = bay
I put in possum
& Kangaroo
made of Kangaroo skin
I think that a [mūrup? or mūnj?]
[belonging?] [manarap?]
[came?] sent out
for a Kūlin, When
Wirrarup sleeps I
think he can send
his mūrŭp out
to see mūrŭp belonging
to Kūlin. -------
ghost in grave?
ngŭrŭng = hair
head with big?] [beard

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arms all hairy
and hanging. -----
Plenty of ngŭrŭng everywhere.
I was under nearby hill
where earth[ welled?]
up. Comes out in
evening. This fellow
has [mūnj?]. You
cannottell him
only the wirra rap see

He makes you a mūnj
in your [Kai?] [another?]
you cannot walk.

This mūnj is like
bone of Kangaroo or
Emu in little [?]

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