the old man told me
[that?] if you roast a
possum leave it there
the Mūrŭp will
come behind you
to warm himself and
will eat the possum.
When a blackfellow
[?] [?] a possum and
eats some and leaves the
rest the Mūrŭp comes
and eats. ----------

Kam-bŭrr = grave

Sometimes Mūrŭp
comes back to the
grave and looks

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at it and says
that is my possum rug
that is my body.
Once [rest of line crossed out)]
[?] [?]
The people of Goulburn
[?] River, Broken River
Kilmore - Camped
there [next 3 lines crossed out]

There was a well built
by [?] and about
[Gin?] came up to camp
of possum and soon
An old woman
[who?] had [not?] any
children [saw?] him

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