point in the direction
[hand?] - point to the [face? or nose?]
or breath hard.

Heat of fire ['Heat of fire' underlined] - breath hard

[very?] [glad?] - pat the breasts
with both hands

Hello! Tap in a [?] [?]

[?] [look?] [down?]
[Where? or when?] Water? [underlined sign for
[Where? or when?] - [water?] look
Arm to left side.

There a long [way?] [off?]!

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[wave?] hand and
point at 45 O [45 degrees]
"There - near" point
at 45 O [45 degrees] & [horizon?] [when? or when?]
A black fellow from
the other side of
Portland - between that
and the Glenelg told me
that his people when
the buried a poor fellow
put a [bush? or hut?] round the
grave and put in
billy of tea and some
bread there and
that the Mūrŭp came
and drank and ate it.

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