M. Fath.Sist Dau [son crossed out] - bam-brŭ
M " " son - Kakai
F Fath Sist dau - lal-lal
F Fath Sis son - [wūrunjain?]

F Moth. Bro son
M Moth Bro son
M Moth Bro dau - bambrŭ
F M Bro dau - lal lal


[forearm?] they are
different [from?]

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re Bunjil - the others
being waang
Pleiades [how? or now?] most
of young women of [?] [stuff?]
they had fire [?] [two words crossed out]
[They] roasted yams and
eat them and gave
the waang the raw ones.
By and bye waang found
a cooked one. He said
Hello! Why give me
[my?] raw one. ([Murrŭng?]
= Barm) Then he went
and got a lot of snakes
and hid them in an
ant nest. He said
to the young women
come to the fire ant
nest and dig it up.

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Stephen Morey

Note that the word bambrŭ is spelled as Bŭmbŭr on page 4. This page would appear to be corrections to the section on p4 that is largely left incomplete