and putting it in
the ground, and
then looked to see ---
it was gone ----
[He? or they?] said a big lump
there - none now.
[Now? there?] was man lying
covered with earth all
but his mouth. It
was open and the
fire had gone in it.

Bye and bye they say
Something there - they
got a little spear
and speared it.

A voice in the ground
said what do you
do that [?] for?
The old man jumped

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up and caught the
the boys; and the old
people said there was
no [putting?] up in yarra
nor any creek -
the old man was
testing the two boys
along the [yarra?] and
[hid? or had?] his camp
where the ships lie
in the the [yarra?] at
Melbourne. He next
made a drain
after [time?] a [?]
the way. The Water
[ran?] after [him?] and
covered the ground.

Bunjil saw the
old man and put
things like [?] in

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