in the water - the
old man going along
did not see them
and split himself
on the [razors?].

Bunjil said no old
man must do anything
to the children after.
Once Bunjil said
some boys said
we will go away. The
boys went with him
One little boy said
I have forgot my things
I must go back over the
gully. Bŭnjil said
all right I have -

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left some bags there
you can burst them,
The little boy did
not know any better
so he burst the bags
and the water ran
out off of all [word crossed out] over the
country. The little boy
could not find a
dry place to camp
and ran about
for [awhile?]. Bunjil
felt by and bye very sorry.
Poor fellow - the water
will hurt his legs - he
is thin - he cannot
get any thing to -
eat. Bunjil gets
a big sandstone
and stopped the

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