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He also considers it villainous
- laughed [??] carefully? when I
asked whether the
father the mother [??]
the child. He said [completely?]
no the "man works the
child and he call girl
his daughter for whom he
likes." He said that his
father was [born?] at the
Thelbuigunj Mtn at the
source of the Tumut Rvr.
That his mother came from
the Theddora of Omeo
and that his won wife is
girls all given in marriage
by their father and brother
and all promised beforehand.
If such a betrothed girl
were to elope with some fellow
the betrothed man [??

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sit at home in his camp.
The father and brothers would
go out in the pursuit. If
they caught the girl she
would be brought back.
Her father would not do
sever scolding but her
mother would [?] her
with a ram stick.
She would be handed
over to her betrothed husband.
If a brother and sister
were to elope the [??]
ashamed and if [??]
girl then back would
[????] servre scalding ? her mother would beat with a yam stick. She would be given back ? over to her bethrothed husband. If her brother or sister were to elope the ? would be much ashamed and it

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