As for cousins he said:
this is a man's wife -
referring to the diagram I had
illustrated by four stones.

man - mans sister

son - daughter

man - mans brother

son - daughter

It seems doubtful which -
he seemed is correct but
there no meaning
checking it - the [??]
so far a [???]
represented by these men.
- form A would give the
relationship regard for
intermarriage between two
divisions - while B [??]

The Bega men said a
[??] their classes that their
"rule was different to that of
up here" (Maneroo).
They also called their
totem names their "Joeah".
Each seems to have had
Bega Charly
M - Najatajan - Ngariba
Bat - Waterhen
F - Wagora - (no second name)

His sister
M - Najatajan - F natajajan
Ngariba - Ngariba

His half sister by same mother
his Murrumbul = brown snake.

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