on this subject Jerry
said "It is a rule that
the "waddymen", that is
the men who get their living
by climbing trees must go
down to the sea and get
a wife from the people who
get their living by fishing.
The tree climbers and fishers
marry with each other".

(This may illustrate
the rise of the Gournditch
clans - so that in
part as the totems die
out - local distinctions
take their place -
Note in this the Athenians
class distinction i.e. Algicores +c
Geomorir, Demiourgoi +c

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A young man from
Bungully this side of
Moruya said that his
Joea was -
Meritjigar - Jaraurat
Long nosed bandicoot - owl

These he received from his father.

It was also said that
these Joea names were
told them by their
fathers when they were little.

It is liked noted that Jack
and Mragula called
each other by their totem
names "Ebai" and "Bunin"
and also called me
my totem name.
Bud-a-luk - Iguana

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